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We can cater for individuals or groups, and can offer bespoke courses to suit your requirements.

Mid Wales Bushcraft & Survival run various courses and workshops throughout the year, including, but not limited to:



Survival & Bushcraft Courses


Course details

Flora recognition

Finding and recognising plants, trees, berries, flowers, roots and fungi at different times of the year and learning their uses.

This course involves a walk around the local area.


Guided Walks

Guided walks around the local area showing some hidden landscape gems with an introduction to the local history and flora & fauna.


Fire Lighting

Using various methods of fire lighting i.e. flint and steel, ferrocium rods, magnesium blocks. Recognising and collecting natural tinder. Includes a free pack of natural tinder to take home.

This course is part workshop based and also involves a walk around the local area.

For beginners or advanced.


Making Charcoal, Charcloth and Birch oil

Demonstrating on a small scale how charcoal, charcloth and Birch oil can be made and their outdoor uses.


Natural Cordage Making

Finding, recognising and using various natural materials i.e. nettles, wool, horse hair, willow bark to make string and rope.


Knot tying

Learning to tie all the basic knots needed for outdoor use. Using both natural and synthetic ropes


Paracord Weaving

Using paracord to make survival bracelets, key fobs and lanyards.


Making Survival Tins

This course explains how to put together small survival tins, their contents, the uses and hands on practise with the contents.


Prices start at £45 per person, please contact us for details.


Mid Wales Bushcraft & Survival are available to Schools, Colleges, Youth groups, or for private and office parties, stag and hen do’s, team building events – whatever you are planning, just ask and we can tailor our services to suit your needs.

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Mid Wales Bushcraft & Survival
Chris teaching Natural Cordage
Mid Wales Bushcraft & Survival
Kate teaching a Wild Edibles Course